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A WAY TO BUY – A WAY TO SELL -   The auction method has been around almost as long as  man started to walk the earth.   Whether one wants to sell the home which they raised their family in, sell the family farm or business they made their living with, you can bet you will always have a buyer waiting for you to sell.  Our auction business started in 1980, I had never imagined back then while advertising in one of the available media’s just how advanced we would see modern media become the dominating factor to attract buyers from all around the world. There are buyers for anything and everything, how would they ever know it was for sale unless you the seller were to employ the Auctioneer, the Auctioneer by advertising with a single touch of the button can reach millions of buyers for your property, be it real estate, personal property, antiques and even fine arts there is no better way to expose it to the world than by the auction method with modern technology today.


We can sell on site; (live auctions and  live auctions with streaming),  Timed online auctions; ( timed online auctions allow the buyer days to make their bids) for any property the seller wants to liquidate.  The most remarks I receive hours, days and weeks after a live auction is; I WISH I WOULD HAVE BID MORE TIMES… With the online timed auctions one can be in the privacy of their office or home and bid on any type of property up for auction up to the day it expires. Seller’s keep this in mind when deciding who you want to hire as your auction company as our method can yield you more bidders and higher prices.

With any of the aforementioned types of auction methods and our years of experience, we aim to bring each and every seller market prices or better.



The Auction method is an aggressive and accepted way to sell residential property.  With our expertise we have a unique step by step marketing plan from the time of listing the property, advertising, open houses, qualifying buyers to the final auction time and date.  Furthermore we will represent your interest  as well as keep you informed throughout the entire process.



Selling the family farm is an emotional decision, one just doesn’t wake up in the morning and say I quit and moves on.  There are numerous implications the farmer must face, one is existing debt, tax liability, existing crops and much more than one can imagine.  The bottom line is what is my land worth on today’s market.  Our team will inspect the property doing a market study, establish the market value and highest and best use.  We will design a marketing strategy suited for the type of property for auction.  With all the type of auction methods we offer one or more is devised to yield you maximum returns as the seller.  When your farm includes farm equipment, personal property or land leases, by the auction method feel confident we know exactly how to market your investment.



No business too large or too small for our staff to liquidate.  We have the capability of marketing your business both real estate and personal property by on site auction as well as online auction.  Auctioned properties are sold “ as is, where is” with no contingencies, the entire process could liquidate your assets in 60 days or less.



Many of our services while listing the residential real estate for sale involves liquidating furniture, tools as well as collectibles for that owner.  We have the capability of inventorying the property, packing, loading onto our own enclosed trailers, storage and setting up for day of the auction.  Depending on the value of the property or amount of items one may have our auction methods include live auctions, live online auctions and timed online auctions.  We will determine which method is best suited for your items.



Since 1980 our auction company has conducted approximately five annual charity auctions.  We have always believed by giving back to our community in the form of fund raisers is one of the greatest forms of stewardship we could ever ask for, furthermore the satisfaction is knowing that one has helped a child battling with cancer or an organization of great cause needing funds to continue their operation.  We are always open to hear a call for help.


As a compliment to our auction services, Munsch Real Estate & Auction, LLC.  offers the option of traditional services to assist in buying and selling real estate. Our staff has the knowledge and experience to determine and understand the value of the market while providing personal and confidential services to meet your needs. Whether it’s listing your property or finding that perfect home we will guide you along every step of the way.  Our affiliation with our local Hays Board of Realtors, Hays Multi-Listing Service, Kansas Association of Realtors and National Association of Realtors provides us with a continuing education in new and better skills in leadership, marketing as well as ethics.



Munsch Real Estate & Auction, LLC is a fulltime, full service real estate and auction company.  Real Estate is an every day occurrence; we are conducting and negotiating real estate sales either by private treaty or by auction.  We have great pride in our company and ourselves as we demand hard work, honesty and dedication for our sellers and buyers.  Our motto is,  “We don’t try to be the largest real estate and auction company, just the best “


Robert L. (Bob) Munsch – Owner/Broker/Auctioneer
Bob started in the Auction business in 1980, two years after in 1982 he attained his real estate license, in 1987 received his broker license and formed Munsch Real Estate & Auction LLC.
Bob is respected by many in the real estate and auction industry for his opinion and knowledge he has gained through  years of experience.
A patriot he is, with 11 years of military service during and after the Vietnam era.  Bob unselfishly dedicates himself to the Marine Corps League,  all Veterans  and Veteran affairs and functions.  A member of the Veterans Advocacy & Benefits Association.  Bob is committed to any veteran who is in the market to sell or buy.
* Honorable Discharged Veteran
* 1980 Graduate of Missouri Auction School 
* 1982 Licensed Kansas Real Estate Salesperson
* 1985 Certified Auctioneers Institute                                                          
* 1987 Licensed Kansas Real Estate Broker                                       www.thevaba.com
* 2012 Realtor Board President
* Presently serves on numerous committees





Robert L. Munsch II – Owner/ REALTOR® /Auctioneer
Welcome to our team with Munsch Real Estate & Auction, LLC.,  I was licensed as a REALTOR® in 2014.  A graduate of  Missouri Auction School in 2016.   I reside in Hays with my wife Kenya, daughter Kamilah and son Liam.  Prior to receiving my real estate license my experience was in home remodeling, a trade my father had taught me just as he involved me with the real estate and auction business. I was taught to work hard and be honest; dedication to which I work for was instilled in me as well. My goals are to take advantage of the education programs through these organizations to further my career in the real estate field. If I can be of assistance to you as your Realtor as a home buyer or home seller, please contact me,  I look forward working for you.









Buying at Auction


A real estate auction is an innovative and effective method of buying real estate; there are many benefits and unique opportunities available when buying real estate at auction. It is an intense, accelerated real estate marketing process that involves the public sale of any property—including those that are nondistressed—through open cry as well as online bidding which we offer as Timed Bidding which last a number of days, bidders go through a pre-registration process, once approved they can bid from their home/office or mobil device.  Our staff is there to do all we can to make the process a positive experience.  One advantage is knowing the seller is fully committed to selling, therefore eliminating long negotiation periods and reducing the time involved in purchasing the property. Buyers are able to determine the sales price and purchased at fair market value through competitive bidding.




Prior to Auction


The primary difference between buying real estate at auction verses buying real estate conventionally is that at auction, you do all inspections and prepare your financing prior to coming to the auction. A real estate auction is a sale of property in as-is condition with no contingencies so preparation in advance is important to allow the buyer to bid with confidence. Buyers are responsible for making all inspections and evaluating the property for their protection. In the days leading up to the auction you will want to find answers to your questions regarding the property, know what the auction process is and when payment is due. You can view the property at our open house dates, which are posted on our website or call for private showing. Please feel free to review our Real Estate Terms & Conditions or call our office for assistance if you have any questions.




Day of Live Auction or Online Auction


You will need to register for a bid number and review the bid packet for the terms and conditions of the auction.   A live auction will begin promptly so arrive in plenty of time to make final inspections as well as pre-auction  announcements (terms, conditions and any last minute changes to the auction) The bidding is fast paced so be prepared.   In order to make a bid you will need to get the attention of the auctioneer by raising your bid number or waving your hand or simply by saying yes. If you are unsure if your bid is the high bid, do not hesitate to ask one of the bid assistants or the auctioneer to confirm this. The auctioneer wants to provide every opportunity for you to place your bid and will not let you bid against yourself.  The online bidding process will not be as fast paced until the last few minutes of the auction coming to the end, every bidder must pay close attention making every second count if they are wanting to be the winning bid.


The Successful Bidder


At a live real estate auction, once the bidding stops the Auctioneer will confirm the sale and recognize the high bidder. Reserved auctions are subject to seller’s approval of the bid attained and a minimum bid auction will start at a reflected price and expected to rise in increments until an acceptable bid is approved.  The  high bidder when approved or when the Auctioneer says SOLD will then complete the Purchase Agreement and sign any additional forms and make the required Earnest Money Deposit. This


payment can be in the form of personal or business check, only at closing must the buyer bring certified funds.  Closing of the property will take place in 30-45 days from the day of the auction. Generally, property is conveyed free and clear of all liens and encumbrances and closing is not contingent financing, appraisals or inspections.  Payment of online auction funds is within the terms when registering.  




Payment & Checkout




Payment is due in full on auction day. Terms are cash, check or credit card. We accept Master Card, Visa & Discover. Once the Auctioneer says SOLD, the item(s) is your responsibility to secure. The auction company or the seller are not responsible for loss/theft or damage of your items purchased If you need help with removing the item, we can recommend local movers to assist you if needed. 


Absentee Bidding




If you are unable to attend a live auction both real estate and personal property auctions, you can request the auction company to enter bids on your behalf by submitting an absentee bid form  24 hours prior to auction starting time. The Auctioneer will execute absentee bids competitively and begin the bidding at 1/2 of your maximum bid. If your bid is successful you will be obligated to pay the hammer price plus a 10% Absentee Fee on the purchase price within 5 days as well as any packing and shipping costs when it involves a personal property auction.  Telephone bidding is available by request only and subject to availability of lines.








Munsch Real Estate & Auction, LLC.  has been associated with the Hays Board of Realtors and Hays Multi-listing service since 2006.  We welcome and encourage agent-broker participation at our auctions, whether you as a professional are representating a buyer or referring a listing to us.  A loyal partnership with Munsch Realty & Auction, LLC, can be rewarding and profitable, and add value to your business portfolio.  There are several options to participate in the auction method of marketing as follows;




We will partner with any licensed broker or agent who registers a buyer who they represent , the broker of the agency must register their buyer no less than 24 hours prior to the auction. 




For referrals the broker will complete the broker agreement form, with this agreement between brokers a cooperation fee is paid to the brokerage if their buyer is the successful bidder and closes under the terms of the contract. 




      Buyer Registration Form                                                       Broker Participation Agreement Form